Been a very long and crowded weekend. Friday and night we attended a client/friend’s birthday party. Where we thought for sure we would be home early – parties are typically not our thing – but a serendipitous turn of events and face-to-face introductions with people I have interacted with via email and phone and we were among the last to leave. It was a really great party, and there was amazing cake.

Saturday was spent on the cleaning decluttering frenzy prior to family dinner at the house. I managed to ruin 2 pans of brownies in a single afternoon, but the rest of the food turned out and tastedĀ fine. So dinner was good. Apple pie was delicious as well as the brownies C and A brought over. Dual pans of ruined dessert quickly forgotten, until today when I was trying to clean the burned pans, which will soon be at the landfill.

Today brought more rain and an opportunity to inventory the pantry, clean out the refrigerators and freezers. Sadly we are/have been terrible food wasters, and hopefully the purge will remind allow us to keep better track of what we have lurking as far as leftovers. I also found package of crackers and other junky stuff lurking in the back and on the top shelves, which are now neatly emptied or where I have stashed the rarely used bowls and equipment. Until I can either bring myself to declutter and donate those.

A lot of big and little things coming up in November. Work alone is going to be a little nutty this week with lots going on in the office and a couple of unanticipated client projects as well. All good. Tomorrow is training Monday and I’m super excited about it.

In my drafts folder there are 6, maybe 7 posts started and still needing work to complete them. Like so many things in my life right now, they are in progress and being nudged along to completion. I need to nudge more, nudge harder, nudge faster. Or so I think, anyway. But when put like that, it’s more like push more, harder, faster.

But for right now, I’m have podcasts to listen to and an hour of reading to enjoy and wind down from a zoom-zoom-zoom weekend. Trainer J just turned me on to a podcast with Scott Abel, and I have a couple dozen to get listen to in order to catch up and be current. Yep, turning into some kind of exercise geekette.

And it is a Very Good Thing.

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