I woke up Tuesday with a sore throat. Not a big deal, because this happens routinely every year when the weather changes and the heater begins intermittently turning on overnight. Went to the gym as usual, worked from home, ran some errands, and bought allergy medicine. Just in case.

By the end of the day the pressure in my sinuses was overwhelming, I was sneezing regularly, and my sore throat was much more pronounced. Took said allergy medicine and went to bed early, and several hours later got up and took another dose.

My alarm went off at 4 Wednesday, at which time I made the decision to stay in bed and sleep another couple of hours instead. Yep, blew off midweek practice, an Event all on its own. When I actually got up and moving around, I felt fine, albeit with allergy symptoms. No more sore throat and no fever.

But because I am a hyper-responsible weirdo, I texted J that cancelling our session Thursday was a possibility. If I was indeed sick then I would be fine with cancelling, although I would always prefer not to do so with less than 12 hours notice. Gym policy is 24 hours, but it’s at trainer’s discretion whether or not I get charged for the session for violating (J would let me off on this one, because I rarely even reschedule, much less cancel).

Day went on, and despite blowing my nose constantly and sneezing when the allergy meds started to wear off, I was fine. Thing was, I could feel the sudafed wearing off, so I just resigned myself to taking them every 4 or 5 hours as directed by the box. Definitely worse things in life that being stoned on sudafed at work. And a bonus for allergy meds: absolute appetite killer.

Went to the gym last night for a rare evening practice, because yes, I am all kinds of obsessed about keeping on track with my exercise pursuits. But took it really easy so I would be capable of my regularly scheduled Thursday session. I am always struck by the different vibe of the club in the early morning and club in the evenings. But it was fun because I crossed paths with another tribe member – always so fun to see her and catch up on what she’s doing and the the progress she’s made – and all the machinery I wanted to utilize was available for me. Win win!

But I am slowly realizing there is headcold kind of crud going around. J had it a couple of weeks ago, several of his clients are enduring it right now, and several of the staff in my office also texted in sick this morning. I know they didn’t catch it from me, because I have had no fever. I’m doubling up on my vitamin C and have a freezer stocked with juice bars – just in case.

So while I am currently speaking with a voice a couple of octaves lower than usual and sporting a Rudolf-esq red nose, I am 99.99% certain mine is mostly an intense allergy attack. I can pretty much even trace the source – M was working on clearing the roof of leaves and muck this weekend while I was working in the garage and it may as well have been raining from the moldy crap excavated. I always have at least mild version of these same symptoms when the cycle of raining to ground drying out happens.

So my final determination on this current non-event, particularly after my training session this morning: not sick. Happy to have that decided.

Back later with my training recap. Ridiculously excited about that today.

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