Wednesday morning, a rare training day with J. Review day again, which is always awesome, but we had some surprises today. The basic List:

  • Squat Machine “Frog Stance” (100 lbs., 4 sets, 15-20 reps)
  • Stability Ball Reverse Hyperextension (3 sets, 15-20 reps)
  • Cable Glute Kickback (20 lbs., 3 sets, 12-15/side
  • Cable 1-legged RDL (12.5 lbs., 3 sets, 8-10/side)
  • 1-legged Glute Pushdown (3 sets, 12-15/side)
  • Adductor Machine (110 lbs., 3 sets, 15-20/side)

I started this post on Wednesday after the session. It was a good session and I did well. Trainer J gifted me a set of ankle cuffs – which I refer to as “fluffy cuffies” – and they made the glute kickbacks go so much more smoothly. We added some side kicks as well, which worked wonders on the side glutes, and it was challenging and amazing.

So why has it taken so long to write this post, I wonder?

Seems like I have been on vacation, even though I have been working every day, including Thanksgiving. The office has been closed since Tuesday at noon, and since I work at home on Tuesdays, I have not been at the office since Monday. Feels like vacay this week, and honestly, it has soaked in and infused all my activities this week.

Including training and practice.

I was there on Wednesday, had a great session, but you know how it is the hours before a long holiday weekend? That’s kind of what like it was on Wednesday. Good time, learned a few new things, and feel the value of training. However, I have been seriously on the beach this last week.

And it occurred to me this morning, as I went through my List of the day and focused on my focus and my more challenging upper body List with the Freemotion machine – it went well.

I do not feel as if I am burning out or anything like that, but … on the beach. Self-employment work is gratifying, and I’m happy that the work goes on and still feels as fresh and as challenging as it did the day I started so many years ago.

Much like exercise. The work continues, the beat goes on, and that iceberg does not seem like it is any smaller after this much time has passed between start and now. But it’s MY iceberg. It’s MY amazing, awkward, challenging, and satisfying journey up and down around the iceberg.

So even while I have been on the beach this week with regarding to practice, the sky is overhead and dropping rain upon our heads right now. I am not stressed or feeling like a gym poser. Mostly, I’m feeling utterly delighted with my fluffy cuffies and that my mental state is such that things are really going well.

And I’m not questioning it.

Maybe this is the way normal people go on vacation. Maybe they disconnect and go through the motions or do what they want. They probably do not feel guilty that it took 3 days to writing her training recap. Kind of half-assed training recap at that. A year from now, will look back at this post and find value in it?

Damn straight. Hyper-responsible me actually loosened the reins just a bit.

Maybe there’s even more hope for me than I ever anticipated.


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