After months of planning an entire office move with an office technology upgrade, it’s finally all coming together this week. It has been several boatloads of work to get us to this point, everything from looking at office space, deciding on a place, negotiating lease terms (lawyers – many positives and not so positives on this part), and then all the gazillions of tiny decisions on tenant improvements, supervising the build, many stern conversations about what I wanted/needed and why people are failing to do their job, firing a couple of different contractors and vendors for failure to perform, presentations, endless emails, phone calls, in-person meetings, and more than a few internal foot-stomping meltdowns over stupid shit that should not have happened, it’s finally, FINALLY all coming together.

And while it’s only Tuesday, thus far everything is going very well.

Moving carts and boxes were delivered yesterday as planned and on schedule. Office locations and announcements were revealed prefaced with very specific “I don’t want to hear any whining about where your space.” The few interactions I have had that had even the sparest tinge of whine to the tone were met with a “talk to the hand” gesture and a very curt “I’m not discussing this further” comment from me.

It’s been kind of glorious.

Today I did the final walk-through of the new space with the building inspector, who signed off on the tenant improvements and keys and key codes were released to us. The IT crew showed up at 11 as planned to set up and the new server and network equipment, and even Comcast was on time to set-up our internet connection. All that went without any notable hitches. New furnishings were delivered and set-up. Tomorrow the telephone system will be installed, tested, and cut over in the afternoon.

Tomorrow afternoon/evening the carts will be picked up and delivered to the new space, and Thursday morning we all report to the new offices to unpack and being our work days.

Hopefully it all continues to go well.

For someone who HATES all aspects of moving, I am surprisingly serene about the whole process. I went to yoga tonight to fortify my zen, and came home to read a bunch of email traffic trying to not jinx the smooth process thus far by commenting too positively or happily on the smooth process thus far. It seems my neurosis has either rubbed off on my bosses or they have the same sort of “hope for the best, plan for the worst” type attitudes.

Unfortunately my job with The Move does not immediately end, and I cannot really return to my regular job and responsibilities without all these other niggling details until sometime next week. Thursday while the rest of the office is unpacking their desks and getting settled, I’ll be at the old office organizing pickup of our former office furniture, computer equipment, and phone system. The IT guys will be joining me to ensure hard drives are completely wiped before machines are carted away. A used furniture company is picking up the bulk of our discards, the copy machine company delivering new machine and printers to our new offices and then picking up the older equipment. Shredding service will be doing the same with our shredding vaults.

It has been hugely gratifying to have months of work result in vendors doing their jobs and the most inconvenienced staff person thus far only be me. I will be so glad when this week is done.

Office holiday party is Saturday night, so that will be fun as well. I have bonus checks to write … all but mine. Partners want to surprise me, which is their right. I find them generous and am not especially worried about it. But still, surprises do put me on edge.

But I think the biggest shocker for me thus far this week: how truly relaxed and in control of my emotions I feel with all this moving stuff. Yes, my cell phone is blowing up more than usual during business hours; I expected that. I am surprised at how un-obsessed I feel about things. If anything, I spend more time wondering what it was that made my glutes squeak today than whether or not movers and moving-related vendors are going to show up within the allotted window or if things will work as they are supposed to once they are done with them.

It helps that the bosses are pleased about how the move is progressing, how minimally disruptive I have made it with scheduling and organizing the packing of the library and common areas and the organization of the moving carts and assorted hoopla.

My receptionist has been fantastic through this process, and he has stayed late and taken charge of supervising the packing crew for the common areas as well as getting his own work done. The rest of the staff are mostly cheerful and if not always helpful (because of their billable work) they pitch in where they can and are cooperative when I need them to work with me on the million small details.

This is a huge and positive change for me. I am typically a strident overachiever when it comes to obsessing about work, calm on the outside while flying apart at the seams on the inside. That brain has been rehabbed enough to let me sleep deeply and peacefully during a high stress period is so rewarding.

I do give a lot of credit to the daily exercise schedule I have been keeping. Maybe there’s something sly and down-low about those dolphins swimming in my brain. Or as trainer J put it, drugs (even naturally produced ones) affect everyone differently. Perhaps they impact me by leveling me out when I want to completely wig.

All good. And I can live with that.



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