Today was the actual office moving day, and I am so very proud of my crew for stepping up and getting shit done.

IT guys were already in the new office and hard at work when I walked through the doors at 9 a.m. This new key code locking system we have is fantastic! They have their own code to the front doors and the network server room and can be in the office working on the server without me or another staff person present.

Comcast phone people arrived on the early side of their window and were done and gone by 1 p.m. Phones were down for all of 20 minutes, our auto attendant was in service 20 minutes after that.

Everyone had their offices and workspaces packed on carts, wrapped in saran wrap (or whatever that stretchy moving film is really called) and were working on laptops well before the noon deadline. When the movers showed up at noon – right on time – we were read to move. To get our carts and furnishings that needed to be moved loaded, driven less than 2 miles, unloaded, and some desks rearranged took them 3 hours. They told me it was a small job and estimated 4 hours, but they were hugely efficient and we are delighted with the service rendered.

By the time I left the office at 5:45 (for my 6:30 yoga class), nearly all the carts were empty and the moving boxes folded flat and ready to be picked up tomorrow. The only exceptions were the library, and my receptionist and a couple of the associates were busy putting books away when I left. The phones work, the computers work, the internet works, and we will be back in business tomorrow morning. The biggest issues are with a couple of the new desks – the keys provided do not seem to match the locks. The furniture vendor will be in the office tomorrow afternoon to have a look and get us the right keys or replace the locks.

Also tomorrow the newer and improved copy machine and printers will be delivered and set-up, and our confidential shredding service will be delivering new containers.

My bosses are really happy with the everything going so smoothly, and all is forgiven (if not 100% forgotten) about the many meetings and disagreements that cropped up on our march to make this happen. Majority of the staff are pleased with their new work areas, and the couple who are less delighted are newbies still working at smoothing the chips on their shoulders. We also now have a couple of small client consultation offices and a larger work room for collaborative efforts.

I am relieved the biggest, most questionable aspects of the job are now complete and life will soon return to normal levels of busy for me.

M has been rather surprised at how well I have handled all this stuff the last couple of week, but as I point out to him, the stress load was spread out over most of 7 months. I have also continued with my gym training and practice at least 6 days per week, plus yoga at least a couple of nights per week. I’m on a pretty regular sleep schedule and sleeping very well for the most part – it’s only when I shave sleep staying up late working or engrossed in conversation or a book that I do not get enough rest and am vulnerable to stressure meltdowns.

Having this type of routine is huge, and I cannot stress enough the positive benefits in all aspects of my life.

As much as the exercise and the healthier food choices, I have simply let go of a lot of things that brought some level of additional stress and anxiety to my life. It has been strangely uplifting and liberating to let go of people and things that clutter and impact me in less desirable and healthy ways. I still have quite a lot of work to do in this area, but I firmly believe that getting started and making consistent effort a habit is at least half the battle.

I expected to feel a bit let down now that this huge project and undertaking in now winding down to the clean-up stage, but the opposite is true. I do not feel sad, depressed, or even relieved; I am exhilarated. Not having to think about dozens of tiny pieces and parts of this move every week now frees me to focus on other projects on my work-related bucket list.

And I am ridiculously excited about the prospects of new challenges and projects. I am looking forward to a reasonably quiet December and into January before starting my next big work thing in 2017.

For tonight, though, I’m riding a wave of happy success, where everyone showed up and did their jobs and simply pitched in where needed. My work tribe exceeded my expectations and I could not be prouder or more pleased than with how well they handled the disruptions of the last couple of weeks.

I am also really proud of me. I worked damn hard at this and stayed focused on the end goal and did not get stuck in the weeds or distracted by the avalanche of details. That I can type and post that kind of positive affirmation? Big giant forward progress. Go me!

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