I had not intended to stay out of sight quite so long, but life happened and time the days slipped away from me. While I have been keeping up with my better health posts on the new blog, I have been trying to scrape off a few trolls and do some housekeeping over here. Still not 100% convinced all is well, but we shall see how it goes.

While I was away, our front yard landscaping was completed.

Our neighbors probably think we are tree haters, but in truth we do not enjoy plants and things that require a lot of maintenance. We do not spend a great deal of time out in the front yard, so we told our landscape designer we wanted something without any plants. As it was we ended up with far more big rocks than I imagined, and the flagstones were a last-minute decision as well, but we are delighted with the way it turned out. This does not mean we won’t change our minds in the future and remove the white dolomite in favor of the salt and pepper that makes up the riverbed.

We do have a large granite bolder near the front that has what appear to be places to set a potted plant or something else. I keep having visions of setting up a GI Joe doll in climbing gear as if freehand climbing up one of its faces. Or some realistic mountain goat or bear figures standing on top the rocks surveying their kingdoms.

Other than the yard, things are good. Very busy with work-work and trying to get things done around the house. If I could just ship M off for a month or 2 and erase his memory I could have this place ship-shape and our possessions dramatically reduced. But since we both live here and want to stay happily married, we negotiate. But me having more minimalist tendencies and he more “I might need this” type frame of reference, it’s hard. Probably a life long work-in-progress.

But the yard is done and looks nice to our eyes. That’s the important thing.

Hope you are all doing well out there!

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