On Wednesday, I lost my wallet. Of course, I did not discover the loss until after driving downtown to meet with a client, to the gym for a second practice, and then stopping at the bank to make a deposit, wherein I noted the distinct lack of wallet containing my ATM card and my drivers license.

By driving without a valid license in my possession, I was effectively breaking the law.

No, I did not call M from the bank parking lot asking him to come retrieve me and save me from outlaw status. I drove the half mile home idly wonder where I might have left my wallet, but even then I was not especially panicked or worried about it. It was either rumbling around on the floorboard behind me, having dislodged from my bag at some point, or it was on or in my desk at the office, most likely sitting right next to my computer and buried under a pile of papers I had been working with. Worst case scenario if it was lost? Getting a replacement drivers license and the phone calls to cancel credit cards (3) and ATM cards (2). Inconvenient but not the end of the world. And if someone must resort to theft they likely needed the less than $40 in cash contained therein far more than I do.

Thursday morning I continued my lawbreaking ways by driving to the gym for my training session with J. I did not report that I was potentially a fugitive; J might have dumped my ass for being a criminal. Or maybe I might have gained additional prestige for being such a rebel without a clue? Either way, the topic did not come up.

Then I drove home to clean up and get to the office, driving again, breaking the law with impunity. Where I found the wallet on my desk and buried under a 2 inch stack of expense reports. I remembered getting it out for my credit card to make an online donation – one of the associates has a brother doing a charity bike ride from San Diego to San Francisco. Because my wallet is fairly large and vividly red, I typically do not miss it when packing up for the day. Unless I have buried it.

While my spree of criminal activity lasted less than 24 hours, I find myself completely unremorseful. I remain, for the most part, a productive member of polite society. Besides, I live in California; one must be far more politically incorrect that I am to incur the wrath of authorities.

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