06/25/2027 – “Cheepers” after consuming breakfast.

M’s bird guest is thriving. While he’s cute and all, I guess I am just not into birds. Dogs are more my thing, but anymore, the idea of the responsibility of having one in the household is daunting. I like the freedom that comes with being an empty nester. We do have cats, but they are outdoor animals and require only a bowl of food and filled water bowls daily, a task our neighbors are happy to fulfill for us if needed.

Not sure how much longer Cheepers will be in residence, but he’s pleasant enough. I certainly don’t want him to die, but survival of the fittest makes not getting too attached appropriate in this case. Once freed to pursue life in the wild of the backyard, maybe he may live to ripe old bird age, but we have lots of predators in the back yard, including our semi-feral felines and hawks in the greenbelt. Hoping for the best, yet planning for the worst for Cheepers.

He is cute even with the Very Serious Expression.


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