My latest routine is to have an alarm going off at 3:45 in the morning so I can be in the gym by 4:45. Yes, you read that right. In the morning. In the perfect world I have 75 minutes to get through a decent workout before work.

Not going to even attempt to lie and suggest this is invigorating and everyone should get up in the dark and head to the gym. Nope. While i would much rather be sleeping until 5:30 and getting to the gym later, that’s not a luxury at the moment. I am okay with it; every choice I make has some trade-off. And I can adjust to this schedule if I put my mind to being consistent about staying on track.

Key for me is saying no to other work and the temptations of blogs and blogging and work later into the night. It’s hard to adjust back to being in bed by 9 on weeknights. I can do it.

I am having to use this early-early-early schedule because I’m taking public transit into a downtown client location, about an hour each way. The train I’ve been taking leaves around 7 a.m., but I have found that with some extra hustle I can take a train leaving at 7:30 and still be on time. Trial and error continues, and I will find the right schedule groove that works for me.

In the meantime, I find this new focus and “have to” get to the gym within a specific window helps I am refining my Lists to specific exercises for the most bang for my minutes, and most of my gym friends arrive later (i.e., after 6), so the temptation to socialize and dawdle is much less.

Whatever the source and the reason, I feel reconnected to my practice and in tune and thinking about the exercise, the weight, what the muscles are doing. I have renewed hope that I will get back in touch with the things I love about exercise and learning and burn off the negative haze in my head.

Hopefully anyway.

But right now, I need to get this posted and myself to bed. Because I can practically hear my alarm ringing already. However, in keeping with my April hopeful objectives, I wanted to write something, even if I am not really talking about much of anything.

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