I am a wife and a mother. M and I are an active empty nester couple. I am the earner in our household, M is our hands-on home manager. The kids are products of my first marriage, living nearby and visiting frequently. As of this update (6/21/2016), we have 2 weddings in 2016 – daughter C married in April 2016 and son G is scheduled for September 2016.

This blog, my small piece of cyber real estate, is to help me sort out my thoughts and ideas, share aspects of my life and our adventures as a couple and a family. I have kept a journal for a number of years, but this is my first public outing.

As I often remark to family and friends, I love my life. I have a terrific husband and marriage. Our kids have grown up into interesting and responsible people. Work is challenging and financially lucrative, and at the beginning of 2016 I transitioned part-time employee and full-time self-employment. Describing my day-to-day activities would not be enthralling reading for anyone, so I will do my best to demonstrate that I strive to treat each day as a gift to be cherished rather than a chore to be endured. My ups and downs are pretty routine, with minimal drama, and I like that.

This blog is my version of an ongoing conversation, a give and take where as we get to know one another. I do hope you return often, to peruse my ramblings, maybe even leave me encouraging or constructive comments. My focus from 2015 onward has been on my pursuit of better health through lifestyle (read: diet and exercise) changes and a lot of my focus is directed toward my fitness efforts with a slowly turning page toward tightening up my diet and eating habits. Both are definitely works in progress.

And finally, my disclaimer: I am not an expert on ANYTHING. Any financial or health commentary I provide is based purely on my what works for me, my family, our lives. Any and all opinions I express are personal and based on my own beliefs and value systems. Any advice offered is from personal experience or knowledge on a topic. Nothing written here is ever meant to offend or pass judgment upon any section of humanity. It is also not meant to imply or insist that my way is the best possible and/or the only way, and if you disagree with me you are obviously clueless. Or worse. If I present something as fact, I will likely cite the source.

If you would like email instead of comments, contact me at facetsofmyrichlife@gmail.com.

So with that … welcome to my world and thanks for visiting.


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